Required Attendance

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Students enrolled in PRS must receive a minimum of 172 days of instruction per school year. When enrolling mid-year, this number of required attendance days is reduced by the number of attendance days already completed prior to enrollment.

Planned attendance for each child must be entered to complete enrollment. Planned attendance for each month automatically becomes reported attendance at the end of the month. This means that once planned attendance is entered at registration, you will not need to submit any additional attendance information or visit the attendance page again unless you wish to make changes. You may edit planned or reported attendance at any time during the same school year.

This requirement protects your child from truancy allegations and protects all students in the school by demonstrating that PRS students receive the number of days of instruction required by the law. The board of education may request attendance data from PRS as often as once per month. (ref. 22-1-114: Statements from Private Schools). Attendance forms must show attendance of at least 172 days per school year (less any days already completed when enrolling mid-year) to satisfy Colorado law.