Semester Reporting

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Semester Reporting


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Required Semester Reporting

Semester Reporting must be submitted no later than January 15th for fall semester* and June 15th for spring semester. The semester reporting requirement protects all students in the school by demonstrating that PRS students receive “basic academic instruction” as required by the law. (ref. 22-33-104). There are two options for semester reporting; semester grades or semester summary.

*Fall semester reporting is optional for students enrolled with a start date after November 30th.

If student’s Start Date is in… Fall Semester Reporting is…
July – November Required
December Optional
January – June Do Not Submit

How to Submit Semester Reporting

Semester reporting is submitted using online forms on the PRS website. To submit reporting, log into your PRS account and click on the “Records & Reporting” link by your child’s name. Submit grades on the “Grades” tab or a semester summary on the “Semester Summaries” tab.

Semester Grades

The grade entry form provides drop-down menus for entering courses, grades, and credits. You may also add your own course names. When semester grades are submitted, you will check a box to verify that your child receives the required instruction. Course names do not need to match the subjects listed.

Letter grades are not required for grade levels K-8. They may be reported as letter grades, Pass/Fail, or Excellent/Satisfactory/etc., unless a student is enrolled with the option to report early high school credits in 8th grade.

Grades for students in grades 9-12 must be entered as letter grades corresponding to the grading scale provided. For students enrolled in the Diploma Program, grades and credits are used to calculate the student’s GPA and create an official PRS high school transcript. High school grades may be reported without credits if your student is enrolled under the cover only option and therefore will not receive an official PRS transcript or diploma.

Semester Summary

A semester summary may be submitted in lieu of grades for all K-8 students as well as high school students enrolled under the Cover Only option. A semester summary should include a brief description of what your child has done over the semester, and may include topics studied, projects, activities, and progress and goals in academic and non-academic areas which you consider important to record in their records. The summary is meant to back up your statement that your child has received instruction in the subjects required by law. See examples below.

Semester Summary Examples

These examples are offered as a reference and to give you an idea of how much information to include in a simple narrative summary. You are free to format your summary in list or paragraph form according to your own preference. You may include more detail if you wish.

Kindergarten Student
Sarah has learned a lot about math and science this semester. She spent a good deal of time outside and used this time to practice counting and testing how things fall when we dropped them from different heights. She also learned to recognize several different types of birds. We enjoyed daily read-aloud time and made some crafts to go with the stories. She has started to recognize letters and has learned sounds for some of them.

4th grade student
John has continued to improve his reading and comprehension. We take turns reading books aloud each day. We have watched some movies to go with the books and talked about how the stories are the same or different between the movies and the books. He has practiced cursive writing several times per week and is learning to type using an online program. He has written a number of stories and plans to make a book with drawings to go along with them. In math, he has been learning about multiplication and long division. He nearly has all of his multiplication facts memorized. He has enjoyed listening to audio books and stories about events in history. This semester, he helped us plant a garden and is interested in learning more about how seeds sprout and grow. We have spent a lot of time making things this semester, including soldering circuit boards in electronics kits. He has continued to take piano and gymnastics classes.

11th grade student
Amy started taking several art classes this semester, including drawing, painting, and sculpting. She continues to pursue her dream of being an artist and has found a studio where she may be able to start working soon. She completed geometry and chemistry and did well in both. She completed a research paper and submitted poetry to an online contest and won 2nd place. Her fiction writing has continued to improve. She looks forward to participating in NaNoWriMo again during the summer camp program. She took online classes for health and American History and received a B in each. Amy has started to look into colleges to study art but has not decided if she will enroll or not.

Failure to Report

Semester reporting is verified for each student after the end of each semester. Any families with missing reporting will receive a reminder via email 3 days before the due date. If grades or semester summaries are not in the system on the due date, all students in the family will be automatically disenrolled retroactive to the beginning of the semester with missing information.

PRS does not ever want to disenroll any family but must enforce the reporting requirements to protect the school and all enrolled students legally. If for any reason you are not able to submit the required information on time, please contact PRS to make other arrangements.