Group: Umbrella Schools

My child went to public school last year. Do I need to notify the school that I am enrolling in an umbrella school this year?

Yes, you must withdraw your child from the public school. If your child completed the previous school year in a public school and is considered enrolled for the upcoming year, you must formally withdraw your child from the school BEFORE […] Read More

What is an umbrella school?

An umbrella school is a private school that allows parents to educate their children at home. There are two exceptions to compulsory attendance at a public school in Colorado: homeschool and private school.  Each of those exceptions come with certain […] Read More

My children are enrolled in a publicly funded homeschool enrichment program and the district is asking me for a notice of intent. What do I do?

Submit a statement of enrollment instead. My own children attend an Options program while enrolled in PRS and I have had no problem using their statement of enrollment in place of an NOI. You can print or download a copy […]

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Why do you keep referring to private school law? We are homeschoolers!

Umbrella schools are governed by private school laws. In practical day-to-day life, you are indeed homeschoolers, but PRS is considered a private school under Colorado Law. Once enrolled, your children are legally considered private school students and you are subject […]

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