Group: High School with PRS

How do I assign high school credits for courses?

In traditional public schools, 1 credit represents 120-180 hours of work, but there are several ways to decide how many credits to assign for each course. See How to Assign High School Credits for more details and links to comprehensive […] Read More

What is the difference between standard and cover only enrollment?

Standard enrollment allows your student to earn credits toward an official PRS transcript and diploma, whereas cover only enrollment provides legal enrollment only. See High School Enrollment Options for more details. Read More

Does PRS have a school code for the ACT or SAT test?

No, PRS does not have a code. You should use the homeschool code instead. School codes for college entry exams determine where the test results are sent. If you use the homeschool code, the results will be sent directly to […] Read More

Can credits earned in 8th grade be included on my child’s PRS transcript?

Yes, a maximum of 2 early high school credits will be accepted during 8th grade. When registering your 8th grader, simply select the option to enter high school credits in 8th grade when you register or renew your student. These […]

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