Personal Record-Keeping: Do I need to keep records at home in addition to required reporting?

Yes, the PRS Enrollment Agreement includes the following record-keeping requirement in the parent responsibilities section.

MaintainĀ in your personal recordsĀ the following records for each child enrolled in PRS:

  • name and publisher of any curriculum used for the required academic subjects
  • description of activities in lieu of curriculum to support instruction in the required academic subjects
  • 3 work samples per year (beginning, middle, and end of year) for each required subject taught (as available)
  • course descriptions for high school courses completed for high school credit

Keep these records forĀ 2 yearsĀ for students not reporting high school credits (K-8 and 9-12 cover only). Keep records forĀ all high school credit courses for 2 years after graduation.