Do I need to notify the school district that I have enrolled my child in an umbrella school?

Although there is no legal requirement to notify the district, PRS strongly recommends that you do to avoid possible truancy allegations.

If you have submitted an NOI to a Colorado school district for your child for any previous school year, PRS recommends that you notify the district that your child is enrolled in PRS by submitting your Statement of Enrollment if any of the following apply:

1. You submitted an NOI for the current school year.
⇒ Notify the district AFTER you have received confirmation of enrollment with PRS.

2. You submitted an NOI for the previous school year and are enrolling in PRS at the beginning of the new school year.
⇒ Notify the district BEFORE the public school year begins or as soon as possible after enrollment.

3. Your child has been enrolled in any private or umbrella school, including PRS, for ANY length of time since you last submitted an NOI, and you did not notify the district at the time of initial enrollment.
⇒ Notify the district as soon as possible.

If your child has been enrolled in a public school or if you have previously notified the district that your child was enrolled in a private or umbrella school since the last time you submitted an NOI, you do not need to notify the district.

NOTE: If your child completed last year in public school and is considered to be enrolled this year, you must formally withdraw from the public school BEFORE the new school year begins (or as soon as possible) so they will not report your child as truant.

Your Statement of Enrollment is available from your account page under “Documents & Forms” as soon as your child’s enrollment is complete.