Enrollment Information

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How to EnrollTuition & FeesWithdraw from Public SchoolPRS School YearImmunization Records

When to Enroll

Enrollment is currently open through April 30, 2022 for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please click on the button below to request a reminder email when enrollment opens on July 15, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year.

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How to Enroll

The first step to enroll is to read the PRS Enrollment Agreement. This document includes all of your responsibilities as well as all PRS policies. You must sign to accept this agreement in order to enroll. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the agreement, please contact PRS before enrolling.

After reviewing the enrollment agreement, visit the Enrollment Page to be guided through the steps below. All of these steps are completed online. Do not hesitate to Contact PRS if you have any questions or need help.

  1. Read the PRS Enrollment Agreement
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete enrollment agreement
  4. Register students
  5. Pay tuition and fees
  6. Enter planned attendance for each student

Note: No immunization records are collected by Poudre River School.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is charged annually based on the PRS school year and includes all children in a family. Tuition is not refundable or pro-rated regardless of when you enroll or withdraw your student(s). New families also pay a non-refundable, one-time registration fee.

All payments are completed online with a credit or debit card.

*To re-enroll after disenrollment due to failure to report.
PRS Tuition & Fees for the 2021-2022 School Year
New Family Registration Fee $25.00/family
Family Tuition $65.00/family/yr
High School Student Enrollment Fee $22.00/student/yr
Records Transfer to or from PRS free
Transfer High School Grades to PRS Transcript $12.00/student
Delinquent Re-Enrollment Fee* $30.00/family

Included in Tuition

  • enrollment in a private school
  • transfer of records to or from other schools
  • assistance with issues involving schools or districts
  • convenient online reporting for attendance and grades
  • personal file uploads into student records
  • online access to all records indefinitely
  • student journal to track milestones and progress
  • printable statement of enrollment
  • printable high school transcript
  • printable report card
  • printable student and teacher ID cards
  • private Facebook and Telegram groups for enrolled families

Included in the High School Student Fee

  • review and approval of high school credits each semester*
  • guidance in determining credits for courses
  • official high school transcripts at no charge

If you choose to submit unofficial grades without credits, you do not need to pay this fee.

Professionally printed high school diplomas may be ordered for an additional fee.

*Note: high school student fee is required to submit early high school credits in 8th grade (maximum of 2 credits accepted).

Withdrawing From Public School

Although there is no legal requirement to notify the district, PRS strongly recommends that you do to avoid possible truancy allegations.

If you have submitted an NOI to a Colorado school district for your child for any previous school year, PRS recommends that you notify the district that your child is enrolled in PRS by submitting your Statement of Enrollment, available on your account page, if any of the following apply:

  1. You submitted an NOI for the current school year.
    Notify the district AFTER you have received confirmation of enrollment with PRS.
  2. You submitted an NOI for the previous school year and are enrolling in PRS at the beginning of the new school year.
    Notify the district BEFORE the public school year begins or as soon as possible after enrollment.
  3. Your child has been enrolled in any private or umbrella school, including PRS, for ANY length of time since you last submitted an NOI, and you did not notify the district at the time of initial enrollment.
    Notify the district as soon as possible.

If your child has been enrolled in a public school or if you have previously notified the district that your child was enrolled in a private or umbrella school since the last time you submitted an NOI, you do not need to notify the district.

NOTE: If your child completed the last school year in public school and is considered to be enrolled this year, you must formally withdraw from the public school BEFORE the new school year begins (or as soon as possible) so they will not report your child as truant.

PRS School Year

The Poudre River School year runs July 1st through June 30th. Annual tuition pays for your enrollment between those dates and is not pro-rated regardless of when you enroll. For example, if you enroll during February, your tuition will cover enrollment through June 30th.

Online PRS accounts will be converted to archive access on July 1st. Members with archive accounts are able to log in to access records and renew enrollment. All student records are maintained will remain available indefinitely.

Immunization Records

As an independent (umbrella) school with no in-person attendance, Poudre River School does not collect immunization records and/or exemptions for enrolled students. Instead, parents are required to maintain these records at home.

PRS students who also enroll in any homeschool enrichment program, camp, school sports, daycare, or attend traditional school part time will need to have immunization records and/or exemptions on file with that school or program.