Early High School Credits Application

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Early High School Credits Application

Please complete this form to apply for early high school credits for your student. PRS will review your plan to verify that it meets the guidelines and limitations below. You will receive an email within 3 business days with the status of your application, including any questions that we may have.

Early Credits Guidelines & Limitations

  • This option is for students working ahead of grade level, completing explicitly high-school-level courses during 8th grade. If the course is not high-school-level, do not report high school credits.

  • 8th grade credits are approved only for the following high-school level core subjects unless other arrangements have been made with PRS: English, math, and science.

  • Courses typically completed during middle school, such as pre-algebra, are not eligible for high-school credit during 8th grade.

  • A maximum of 1.0 credit total for the semester and 2.0 credits total for the year will be approved for high-school-level courses completed during 8th grade unless other arrangements have been made with PRS.

  • Diploma Program enrollment is required to submit early high school credits in 8th grade.

Planned High School Courses


Note: A typical high school course is assigned 1.00 credit total for the year. Read More

A maximum of 2.00 early high school credits will be approved unless other arrangements have been made with PRS. We will contact you to discuss your student’s circumstances to determine if additional early credits can be approved for your student.
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